【Public Transportation to Matsumoto Station (train / bus)】


Matsumoto Station → The Reception Cafe “Oyaki & Coffee”
By Bus [approx. 30 mins]
Matsumoto Station Castle Exit Bus Stop (East Exit)

[bus: Asama Line, For Sasama Onsen via Shinshu University]

Asama Onsen Bus Stop

[walk 1 min]

Oyaki & Coffee

Bus Timetable at the stop “Matsumoto Station Castle Exit”
*Add 11 mins to each time if you are getting the bus at the stop “Matsumoto Castle”

By Taxi
It takes about 20 minutes from Matsumoto Station and costs ¥2,500-2,800. We are afraid that there is no shuttle service from any station. Please come to the reception cafe “Oyaki & Coffee”.

Reception Cafe “Oyaki & Coffee”

*In case your arrival time is late in the evening, we might ask you to come directly to the front desk of Matsumoto Honbako for check-in. Matsumoto Honbako is one of the hotels on the lower side of Yuzaka Steet.


【Flat-Rate Taxi from Ueda Station】
We can arrange a flat-rate taxi from Ueda Station to Matsumoto-jujo. If you come to Ueda from Tokyo Station by Shinkansen (1.5hrs) and then get on the taxi (1 hr), it takes only 2.5 hrs in total! In order to reserve the flat-rate taxi, please contact us in advance.
Fee: ¥15,000 (tax incl., flat-rate)

The duration of journey depends on the traffic. Please set the destination to the reception cafe “Oyaki & Coffee” on your car navigation system. The hotel guest parking is next to the cafe.

Reception Cafe “Oyaki & Coffee”

●from Narita Airport
approx. 4 hrs / 300 km by car
● from Haneda Airport
approx. 3 hrs 15 mins / 249 km by car
● from Kansai Airport
approx. 5 hrs 30 mins / 436 km by car
approx. 2 hrs / 93 km by car. Route 158 is the only way to going through Takayama to Matsumoto. Please drive carefully since the road is narrow at some points.

Highway routing
The nearest highway exit for Matsumoto Jujo is Matsumoto interchange on Chūō (Nagano) EXPWY (E19). If you have an ETC card, Azusagawa smart interchange is also available.
If you come from eastern Tokyo area, you will take Kan-etsu EXPWY (E17) and Jōshin-etsu EXPWY (E18), before taking Chūō (Nagano) EXPWY (E19). You can take a highway route till the end of the journey or exit at Tobu-Yunomaru interchange and drive local road to Matsumoto-jujo. Both routes take almost the same time.

【Highway Bus】
Highway Bus is the cheapest transportation option. Please refer to the website below to find the best route for you.

For the route from Matsumoto Bus Terminal, please refer the route written in【Matsumoto Station → The Reception Cafe “Oyaki & Coffee”】