Koyanagi no Yu

Koyanagi no Yu 15:00 – 11:00 the following day (for overnight guests only)

Located next to Yanagi no Yu, a hot spring reserved for high-ranking samurai, Koyanagi began as a bath house for the lower-ranking samurai. Yanagi no Yu still remains right next to Koyanagi, and there is a plaque explaining its history. To preserve this history, we have restored Koyanagi no Yu in front of the main entrance. There is only a changing room and a simple half-open-air bath. Shampoo and body soap are not provided. The bath is fed with natural hot spring water direct from the source.

As you relax in the waters, think back to the time when Koyanagi no Yu was crowded with low-ranking samurai. Yanagi no Yu is located straight ahead from Koyanagi no Yu. Beyond that lies Biwa no Yu, the hot spring that was reserved for the lord of the Matsumoto domain. Asama Onsen consists of these three hot springs—one for the lord, one for high-ranking samurai, and one for low-ranking samurai, all in a row. It is easy to imagine how busy the plaza in front of Koyanagi no Yu must have been back in the day.

□ Shampoo and body soap are not provided.

□ If you want to bathe in the Asama Onsen style, put your towel in your wash basin and head out. You can use the wooden wash basin and towel from your room. (Towels are not provided in the bath.)

□ There is a shower, so make sure you wash off before you get in the tub.

□ While the hot spring water for the guest rooms passes through a holding tank, it comes to Koyanagi no Yu directly from the same source. Asama Onsen hot spring is clear, tasteless, and odorless, but hot spring fans can still enjoy the subtle differences among the different hot springs in the area.

[Designed by: Schemata Architects]

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