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Koyanagi has been renovated to tap into its 340 years of history dating back to its establishment in 1686. The name Koyanagi is said to refer to the baths for lower class samurai, which were located next to Yanagi no Yu, the baths for the higher class samurai, and denoted with the prefix “ko” (which means small). A document from 1686 describes how the head of the Koyanagi family worked diligently to help the village get through a famine. Although there is no written record of it, it is likely that Koyanagi existed before the Jokyo period (1684-1688) and may trace its roots even farther back in time.

In fact, the hot springs of Asama are mentioned in the Chronicles of Japan, one of the oldest books of Japanese history, and are said to have flourished since the Asuka period (538-710). In particular, Yamanote-dori is said to have been the site of Asama no Shuku, a provincial government building where the major and minor feudal lords of the Shinano region gathered during the Muromachi period (1336-1573). Koyanagi stands at the crossroads of Yamanote-dori and Yuzaka, which has been a bustling center since the Edo period (1603-1867). Historians believe that people have congregated in the area around Koyanagi for over a thousand years.

To create a connection with this long history, of the two former Koyanagi buildings, we renovated the building on the crossroads side into a hotel that caters to various clientele and age groups. The hotel features a variety of rooms, including wheelchair-accessible rooms, rooms for two families, rooms with tatami mats for families with small children, and rooms ideal for couples. The entire interior has been finished with natural materials such as diatomaceous earth and solid natural wood.

□ On the first floor, guests visiting with their families can dine at Alps Table, where they can learn how apples and rice are grown from a projection mapping program. Children are more than welcome at Alps Table. They are free to run around, be loud, and just be kids.

□ The front desk is located on the second floor (lobby floor). There is a shop on the second floor that offers a wide range of lifestyle goods.

□ The Alps Bakery is located behind the shop. Fresh bread from the bakery is served with dinner and breakfast at Alps Table.

□ All rooms are equipped with open-air baths fed with natural hot spring water direct from the source. The temperature of the hot water in each room is regulated with a boiler, but there are no circulating pumps.

□ Guest rooms are located on floors three through seven. On the third, fourth, and fifth floors, there are wheelchair-accessible rooms, rooms where guests can stay with infants and young children, and rooms ideal for couples. Entire floors can also be rented out by a group of four families.

□ Guests staying at Koyanagi are welcome to dine at 367, the restaurant and grill on the first floor of Matsumoto Honbako.

□ The Matsumoto Honbako book store is also open to guests staying at Koyanagi.

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