Guest Rooms information

Guest Rooms
We aim to be a hotel that is good for people and good for the environment,
so the sustainable development goals (SDGs) serve as important guidelines in our management.

If possible, please bring your own toothbrush, razor, and other amenities. Amenities are available in the hallways on each floor of Matsumoto Jujo. Feel free to use these if you forgot to bring something. If you use the amenities, we hope you will take them home and reuse them instead of disposing of them immediately.

The roomwear at Matsumoto Jujo are original yukata produced in cooperation with Ratta Rattarr, a Karuizawa-based facility that employs people with disabilities. The original primitive-style paintings were created by artist with disabilities who work out of a studio in Karuizawa. The support staff help them turn their works into merchandise, and the creators earn royalties, thereby encouraging self-reliance. Matsumoto Jujo selected the original paintings, then had them colored to represent Matsumoto, a town known for its folk crafts, and printed onto fabric, after which we commissioned a domestic sewing factory to produce the yukata. We hope you will stroll through the streets of Asama Onsen in your colorful yukata. You are also welcome to dine in your yukata.

Towels & towel warmers
Most hot spring inns send an incredible number of towels out for cleaning. Although some guests ask for unlimited use of towels, the industrial cleaning agents are powerful and bad for the environment. For this reason, we have installed towel warmers in all the guest rooms of the inns we operate. The towel warmer switch is on the end of the power cord. Flick the switch to turn on the towel warmer and dry your wet towels. At Koyanagi, we have installed extra towel warmers in the Family Friendly Rooms.

Every room is equipped with tumblers that you are welcome to take home with you. Please note there are no cups provided at coffee machines in the first floor lobby of Matsumoto Honbako and in front of the elevator on the third floor of Koyanagi and at the water coolers (hot water also available) in the hallway on each floor. Please use the tumblers from your room.
For the sake of safety and cleanliness, please put a lid on your tumbler when walking with drinks.

■ Snacks
Snacks are also available at the self-service bar areas in the hallways on each floor. Please help yourself during your stay, but we kindly ask that you do not take any drinks or snacks home with you.

All rooms are equipped with wireless LAN routers.

Equipment available for loan
Chargers, irons, scissors, nail clippers, thermometers, and hard pillows are available at the front desk. If you would like to borrow any of these items, please let us know during business hours (9:00 – 22:00).

Family Friendly Rooms
When you reserve a Family Friendly Room at Koyanagi, you can ask for the following items to be placed in your room. Please understand that quantities are limited.
1) Deodorant bags (for diapers), 2) diaper pod (trash can), 3) flushable wipes, 4) extra bath towels & hand towels, 5) baby shampoo, 6) toys, 7) picture books, 8) crib, 9) bouncer, 10) toddler toilet seat attachment. Formula, bottles, and baby food are available at the store on the first floor of Koyanagi.

Although quantities are limited, we have wheelchairs you can use inside the inn.

Strollers are available only in the Family Friendly Rooms at Koyanagi.

Open-air baths
All rooms are equipped with open-air baths fed with natural hot spring water direct from the source. Enough hot spring water is added to baths to keep them lukewarm, and the temperature is controlled with a boiler. Although we heat the water, we do not use a circulating pump. The hot water is all natural. The cold water tap is next to the hot water tap. Please add cold water if the bath is too hot for you. Please let the front desk know if the bath is lukewarm.
Hot spring type: Simple alkaline hot spring (colorless, tasteless, and odorless) With no odor and color, the hot water may not seem very “hot spring-like,” but it provides for a gentle and

refreshing bath.
Specially curated bookshelves
The bookshelves in each room and on each floor of Matsumoto Honbako feature books curated by well-known individuals in various fields and have been provided by our sister inn Hakone Honbako. The bookshelves in each room and on each floor are different. You won’t know what books you will encounter until you enter you room. The books in the rooms and corridors are all available for purchase. If you would like to buy a book, please inquire at the front desk of Matsumoto Honbako.

■ Televisions
There are no televisions in Matsumoto Honbako. There are portable TV / Blu-ray players in Koyanagi. You can switch to waterproof mode by removing the power cord and locking the cover. Feel free to watch TV in the bath, or wherever you like. Use the touch screen to change channels and adjust the volume. * Note: We do not lend out Blu-ray discs.

The suite rooms in Matsumoto Honbako are equipped with kitchens. You can use the kitchen to prepare baby food or simple meals. Please contact the front desk if there any cooking utensils you would like to borrow. We kindly ask that you do not cook with oil in the kitchen.

Wine cellars
The suite rooms in Matsumoto Honbako are equipped with wine cellars. The wines cost extra, so please notify the staff when you check out if you drank any wine.

Cleaning during multi-night stays
We clean the rooms between 11:00 and 14:30. Typically, we wash the sheets, futon covers, and pillowcases once every two nights, but if you have sweat during the night or would otherwise like your linens washed, do not hesitate to ask the front desk.

*The information is as at the date of posting.