Cafe & Bar Okyaki & Coffee / Reception

Cafe & Bar Okyaki & Coffee / Reception
9:30 – 18:00LO(open to the public)

Okyaki & Coffee (which doubles as the reception desk) is a collaboration with Artless Craft Tea & Coffee, a hand-drip coffee stand from Nakameguro in Tokyo. It is located next to the parking lot, a 3-minute walk from the hotel, inside the public bathhouse Mutsumi no Yu. Enjoy the medium roasted coffee with a subtle acidity and aroma, carefully hand- dripped one cup at a time. Okyaki & Coffee doubles as our reception desk. Guests receive a welcome snack and coffee when they check-in.

□ The public bathhouse is located under the second floor seats. Please be quiet as any noise you make will echo in the bath.

□ Non-guests are not permitted to bathe in or view Mutsumi no Yu

□ If you want to experience a public bathhouse in Asama Onsen, we recommend Senki no Yu, 2mins from the hotel. We also recommend Biwa no Yu, which used to be a bath for feudal lords in the Edo period, and Hot Plaza Asama, a popular relaxation spot for the citizens of Matsumoto.

[Designed by: Jiyujin]

*The information is as at the date of posting.