Philosophy & Sweets / Book Cafe

Philosophy & Sweets (Book Cafe) 9:30 – 17:30 / Cafe: 10:00 – 17:00 (open to the public)

If you walk two minutes up Yusaka from the hotel, you will see a cute green roof on a traditional one-story wooden building. A glass door opens onto a nostalgic earthen floor, the bookshelves are lined with many philosophy books. It is a book cafe where you can get introspective and think about life. To encourage deep thinking, you are prohibited from using noisy computer keyboards, and we ask that you keep your chatting to a whisper.

If you get tired from thinking too much, you can jump start your brain with some sugar. The cafe offers a range of sweet treats like anmitsu, a dessert made with red bean jam and gelatin. For lunch, try the spice curry. After spending time here, you are bound to come up with new and different ideas. The cafe has philosophy books, all available for purchase.

[Designed by: Schemata Architects / Book selection: Hiraku]

*The information is as at the date of posting.