Alps Table / dining

We have two restaurants, which offer two different flavors based on the concept of local gastronomy.
Contentment not opulence.
Our intention is to offer dishes that make you feel at peace and enrich your mind, rather than overly opulent dishes that are typical of the times we live in.

Alps Table
Alps Table is a family restaurant located on the first floor of Koyanagi. Based on the theme of Shinshu Italian, the restaurant offers safe and healthy dishes that use no food additives or chemical seasonings. There is also an interactive space inside the restaurant where children can play and learn about the culinary culture of Shinshu.
Watch the projection mapping on the wall to learn how apples and rice are grown in the area. The project was directed by Hiroshi Koike of Non-grid, who previously worked on digital communication projects for Designart Tokyo. Enjoy the stunning digital art as you dine.

Dinner: 17:30- / 19:30- *subject to change at non-peak times
Alps Table offers natural Italian course meals inspired by Northern Italian dining from the foot of Alps. To keep children from getting bored, the course features a limited number of items and is served in a little over an hour. There is a space where children can play inside the restaurant as well as a projection mapping display you can watch to learn about Shinshu cuisine. Dinner is served during two time slots: 17:30 and 19:30. The projection mapping program begins on the hour and the half-hour.

□ You are welcome to dine at Alps Table even if you don’t have children, but keep in mind it is a family-friendly restaurant where kids are free to run around and play. Please be gracious to our young guests as you enjoy your meal.

*The information is as at the date of posting.