367 – Sanrokunana / dining

We have two restaurants, which offer two different flavors based on the concept of local gastronomy.
Contentment not opulence.
Our intention is to offer dishes that make you feel at peace and enrich your mind, rather than overly opulent dishes that are typical of the times we live in.

367 (Sanrokunana)
On the first floor of Matsumoto Honbako, you can enjoy wood-fired cuisine at 367 (Sanrokunana). In addition to the dishes that represent the ever- changing climate of the Shinshu region, we also serve foods that expose you the two additional elements of culture and history. The restaurant’s name is derived from the S-shaped Shinano River, Japan’s longest river which is called the Chikuma River near its source, that winds through the Shinshu region for 367 km. We hope our cuisine will allow you to experience the magnificent story that unfolds as the Shinano River flows from its source at Yatsugatake in the Southern Alps until it empties into the Sea of Japan.

Breakfast: 7:30 – 9:30L.O. (for guests only)
The concept is health and conscious cuisine. In addition to fresh baked bread, our breakfast features a heaping serving of vegetables. Reservations are accepted at 30-minute intervals between 7:30 and 9:30.

Lunch & cafe: 12:00 – 15:00L.O. (open to the public)
For lunch, we serve light meals such as lasagne, croque-monsieur and kids menu.

Dinner: 17:30- / 19:45- (reservations required)
In addition to the main course, we serve dishes that only a wood-fired grill restaurant can. Fermented dishes unique to the Shinshu region are another feature of our meals. The main course includes Azumino pastured pork and fresh fish from the Sado Strait. The fish in the Sado Strait is so delicious because the area near the mouth of the Shinano River is rich in plankton. This is yet another blessing of Shinshu. Dinner is served during two time slots: 17:30 and 19:45. (Course only: ¥11,000)

□ Ask your waitstaff for drink pairing options.
□ If you are staying with small children, please dine at Alps Table.

*The information is as at the date of posting.