Hotel Matsumoto Honbako

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All 24 guest rooms are equipped with private open-air baths. The first floor is home to the book store and the 367 (Sanrokunana)restaurant and grill. The guest rooms are located on floors two through five.
When we stripped the interior down before starting the renovation, we found that the concrete, blocks, and ceiling plates actually looked good. Then, we commissioned the design work Suppose Design Office, which had worked on other hotel projects like Onomichi U2 in Hiroshima and Hotel Koé in Tokyo. We retained “memories” of the Koyanagi era throughout the building while integrating new construction with the bare concrete. The result is a wonderful space where old and new layers coexist. We hope you will enjoy the feel of the bare materials that do not rely on excessive use of paint or interior finishings.

□ All rooms are equipped with open-air baths fed with natural hot spring water direct from the source. The temperature of the hot water in each room is regulated with a boiler, but there are no circulating pumps.

□ The restaurant and grill 367 (Sanrokunana) is located on the first floor.

□ The book store Matsumoto Honbako is located on the first floor. Guests can enjoy reading inside Matsumoto Honbako late into the night. All the books in the store are available for purchase, so we kindly ask that you handle them with care.

□ There is a coffee maker on the bookshelf in front of the front desk on the first floor (next to the elevator). Guests can help themselves to free coffee any time Please use the tumblers from your room.

□ The area next to the front desk on the first floor doubles as a bar. Draft and craft beers, original hard cider, and wine are available from check-in until 23:00.

□ The rooms are for guests nine years old and up If you stay with small children, please exercise due caution as there are some areas that may pose danger to small children like the open-air baths and windows. If you are staying with children under the age of nine, please dine at Alps Table on the first floor of the adjacent Koyanagi.

□ Please note that rooms in Matsumoto Honbako are not barrier-free. There are uneven surfaces in all of the rooms.

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[Designed by: Suppose Design Office]

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